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Cookies Policy

1.1. What are cookies?

Just like any other professional website, this Service makes use ofcookies. Cookiesare smallfiles saved by web browserto enhanceuserexperience and enable some specificfeatures, like authentication. Regularlycookies do not contain any personal data that may help to identify a user, but personal information that we gather may be linked to the information derived from cookies.Cookies are generally distinguished between "persistent", that are stored by a browser and stay valid till expiry date unless deleted by user before this date, and "session" ones, that expire at the end of the user session, i.e. when web browser gets closed. This paper is to coverwhatkind ofinformation cookies gather anduse and whyinsome casesitmaybe required to store these cookies. You mayprevent these cookies from being stored, though itmay hinder the functionality ofcertain components of the Service.

1.2. Cookies that we use

We use cookies in thesignup procedures, general administration and to preventmisuse of our Service. We use cookies when you are loggingin to remember this fact and prevent you from going through the same steps of the procedure every time you visit anew page. This kind ofcookies is usuallycleared asyou log out for security purposes. In case you submitsomedata via ourforms, cookies may help to remember your details to be referred to in future.We need to set cookies to remember your personal settings and preferences to provide for moreclient-oriented and user-friendly experience. Therefore our Service features such functionality so that this information can beremembered and called any time and any wayyou interact with a page basing onyour preferences. We make use of an affiliate programme that above all else facilitates advertising our Service.With the affiliate programme we use specificcookies to track usersand visitorswho follow toour site through one of our affiliate partner sites. This helps us to acknowledge a gratitude tothem appropriatelyand provide bonuses from our affiliate partners to you for using services.

1.3. Managing cookies

By changingthe settings ofyour browser (see your browser Help for more information)you can prevent storing of cookies. Disabling cookieshowevermayresult in cutting offmost features and functionality of this Service. Therefore, we recommendyou not to do so.